EasyLink 12 Wireless Braille Display

image of Easylink 12 braille display

This ultra- portable wireless braille keyboard and display provides full braille access to mainstream mobile devices allowing you to read and write braille anywhere. Connect the EasyLink 12 to your PDA, tablet or Smartphone and transform the device into a portable braille notetaker in seconds!

Technical Highlights

Wireless Braille reading & writing

  • 12 high-quality refreshable braille cells
  • 2 navigation keys and a joystick
  • 6 Braille input keys
  • Compact size ? smallest and lightest on the market
  • Rechargeable battery ? up to 10 hours of continuous use
  • Carrying Case
  • Supports most popular screen readers

Equipped with a 12-cell refreshable braille display and 6 key braille keyboard, the EasyLink 12 gives you the tools to manage appointments and tasks, find contacts, type notes, browse the internet, send emails and more, giving you unlimited access to information wherever you are.