iZoom Screen Magnifier

iZoom Screen Magnifier & Reader - Downloadable Edition

  • Are you unable to send emails, see pictures or read on the computer because of a vision impairment? iZoom is here to help. iZoom can enlarge everything on your computer screen, change colors, read web pages using natural sounding voices and more! Save on shipping and convert your trial version into a full version in minutes! iZoom Standard Downloadable Edition is perfect for individuals who primarily use only one computer. If you use more than 1 machine, we recommend iZoom USB.

iZoom Screen Magnifier & Reader - CD Edition

  • iZoom Screen Magnifier and Reader CD Edition incorporates our latest iZoom Magnification and Reading technology on a physical CD, shipped right to your door. Zoom into areas of the screen that are difficult to see, reduce glare, read out web pages, emails, new articles and more. At half the price of conventional screen magnifiers, iZoom Standard CD offers cutting edge magnification technology at an unbeatable price.

iZoom Screen Magnifier & Reader - USB

  • Most low vision screen magnifiers today offer a USB version, but all of them require administrative privileges to install some software before they can run. Odds are if youíre using a public computer, you wonít be granted installation rights. Moreover, a computer can be a very personal possession and others wonít appreciate you installing software on it.

  • iZoom USB is not locked down to a machine! You can attach it to your keychain and take it with you anywhere you go. All your settings are saved on the USB drive so you donít have to reconfigure it on every new machine. You simply plug it in and it starts up. No installation, no administrative access, no license agreements, no hassles. It simply works! So the next time you get on a machine at your library, school, a friendís place, you can relax knowing that their machine isnít affected and you can use it as freely as you would your own.