MagniLink iMax


MagniLink iMax provides magnification, contour enhancement and pointer settings as well as screen reading with high-quality speech output.

Different types of vision impairments requires different solutions. MagniLink iMax contains a variety of solutions made to meet the users own preferenses. With features like split screen, dual screen support, full screen mode, multiple highcontrast modes, a circular and a squared lens-zoom MagniLink iMax gives you the ability to set the screen mode based on your own preferences.

Technical Highlights

  • MagniLink iMax comes with high quality Text To Speech voices from Infovox iVox.
  • MagniLink iMax always gives the user full access to all functions on the screen, for example the menu.
  • The circular and square lens zoom gives the user the opportunity to zoom in for example a website link at the same time as they still can see the background. Therefore the context of the zoomed text is kept in focus.