Smart Brailler

The Perkins SMART Brailler is the evolution of the Perkins Brailler from a low-technology, beloved classic to a high-technology learning and teaching tool.

Smart brailler Video

It offers a new, more intuitive way for individuals, both sighted and blind, to communicate, teach and learn braille together. Now teachers can see what their students are brailling, sighted parents can help their visually impaired children with homework and students can take the lead in their own braille education. Sighted or blind, we can all share the learning experience!

Technical Highlights

  • Video screen displays SimBraille and print while audio feedback speaks the letters and words in real-time as they are being brailled for an instantaneous, multi-sensory learning experience.
  • USB port enables saving and transferring files to another device.
  • Text-to-speech from acapela group.
  • Headphone jack and volume control.
  • Operates as a mechanical brailler for extended use.
  • Rechargeable and removable battery.