Reading Machines

ireader picture

iReader Document Reader

  • The iReader is a modern easy to use reading device that allows you to listen or view text documents with a push of a button.
magnilink voice reading machine

Magnilink Voice Reader

  • The MAGNILINK VOICE attracts attention and acclaim with its focus on simplicity, high performance and contemporary design. Allow us to introduce MagniLink Voice, the user-friendly reading machine that exceeds expectations.

Portset Document Reader

  • The Portset Reader comes to you from the inventors of the acclaimed Talking Teletext, and the only accessible Digital Freeview Television receiver. You can depend on Portset to produce quality products for the blind.

The Keyboard Talker Device

  • The ideal interactive learning tool for anyone who wants to learn keyboard skills.


  • This innovative reading system allows you to scan, view, magnify, save and listen to ANY printed text in one portable solution!
Reading Machines

Simon Reading Machine

  • The Reading Machine that is as easy to operate as a photocopier; just place your text on the glass, press the start button and it reads.


  • The Excalibur, the next model up from the Simon Reader was developed with the most demanding user in mind, and an emphasis on design elegance and technical ability, this is indeed an impressive machine.
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