Aesop Talking Keyboard Bundle

KeyTalker, the talking keyboard software is an ideal interactive learning tool for anyone who wants to learn keyboard skills. Perfect for children of all ages from primary to to senior. Looking to get that grasp of the keyboard and have failing or no sight, the Keyboard Talker is there speaking the keys as you locate them. All one hundred and three keyboard keys are spoken on a standard computer keyboard. Connecting a standard PS2 computer keyboard to the talking keyboard software will instantly speak any key pressed in clear distinctive voice.


Aesop Power Adapter

PS2 to USB Adapter

Technical Highlights

  • Speech volume rotary adjustment control.
  • Headphone 3.5mm socket connection.
  • Operates from either internal PP3 9 volt battery or external AC adaptor supplied.
  • Portset has created a solution for New user to get the gripd with a computer keyboard with immediate use.
  • Version in UK and US English standard with European language voicing available.
  • Reminder message to change the battery Helps to resolve problems of learning difficulties.
  • Optional High Visibility Keyboard available.
  • Size: 145mm x 60mm x 30mm.